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Hello! I'm Frank Negolfka, founder of Silent Sufferers: A Virtual Mental Health Community built for helping men and young adults battling the stigma against depression and other mental health issues. In December of 1998, two weeks before Christmas, my father chose to take his own life. I was only fourteen. The aftermath of a loved one's suicide can be full of confusing and painful emotions. As a result of fear and misunderstanding, many survivors of suicide suffer alone and in silence because others are unsure, or unwilling, to enter into the pain of their grief. Traditions and special occasions like holidays and anniversaries can emphasize the absence of a lost loved one and may become difficult for survivors. This holiday season The Silent Sufferers are looking to bring HOPE to a local northeast Ohio family bereaving suicide loss by providing emotional acceptance and practical support. We are kicking off Our 1st Annual Online Raffle Event: HOPE for the HOLIDAYS. Every $2,000 that our fundraiser raises during this three (3) week long event will benefit the financial considerations of a bereaved family who experience the death of someone to suicide. (e.g. funeral payment, any bills that are due, and holiday wish lists)

Friends and family who experience the death of someone to suicide must no longer suffer alone and in silence. If you know a local NEO family healing from suicide this holiday season and would like to nominate them please email us at: 

and send us their story.

*Family/families chosen to benefit from our fundraising efforts will be chosen at random.

The Silent Sufferers have graciously received raffle donations, but we still need your help in order to make HOPE for the HOLIDAYS a success and would be hugely grateful for any raffle prize donations that you, or your company, is able to make in aiding our fundraising efforts. All donors will be properly thanked and acknowledged on our website and across our social media platforms.

To raise awareness about Suicide Prevention raffle entry tickets will become available beginning on Monday, December, 1 2021.

We need the kind of compassion that can ONLY be found in Clevelanders!

Join Silent Sufferers in providing practical support and emotional acceptance for survivors who need to grieve in healthy ways. We may suffer in silence but together our voices will be heard.

Meet Our Donors


Riley Helmick

 I love to paint and felt honored when I was asked to donate a painting of the Silent Sufferer book cover! I feel this fundraiser will help many people who struggle with mental health and I am excited to encourage others to advocate for themselves. Thank you for the rare opportunity to help others while showcasing my talents. Good luck Happy Holidays & never lose hope!


Kami Basham


Sandy Kiss

Mentor, Ohio Residents

This is a wonderful cause and we are more than happy to donate “the little things” that are often wanted but overlooked. In this time in our lives, with the pandemic amongst us, most of us are in need these items.  Sandy and I are happy to help anywhere we can.


Tony & Randi Zrim

Concord, Ohio Resident

My name is Randi Zrim I’m married to Tony Zrim. We have made a donation to this beautiful initiative for so many reasons.

I am an ER nurse. I am reminded frequently about how important our mental well being is. People share stories, feelings and their experiences with me that they don’t openly share with most. There are so many things that can influence our mental health. Despite the way people feel while fighting this lonely battle they are not alone. So many people have fought with their own mental well-being. Or watched a loved one struggle with theirs.


My husband, Tony has been friends with Frank since grade school. The first night I met my husband I also met Frank. A man who I would describe as full of life, funny with a huge heart. He is courageous to share his story with so many and I commend his commitment to impacting the lives of others. There are so many reasons I support the work Frank is doing to raise awareness and aid those in need. 


I believe that this fundraiser will not only impact the lives of the family or families who receive donations. It will also impact all of the people who decide to become involved. Please consider supporting this initiative by buying tickets, donating or informing others about how important it is to talk about our mental health. 


Lastly, I hope everyone finds joy in something this holiday season. Get out and do something you’ve always wanted to do. Call someone you’ve been meaning to call. Make cookies and share them with a loved one. Think about how a small kind gesture can impact someone so greatly. Create a reason to smile or make someone else smile sincerely. You won’t regret it. 


Shawn Pischel

Massage Therapist

Knead to Relax

My name is Shawn Pischel and I am the owner and sole proprietor of Knead to Relax Massotherapy in North Olmsted.  Licensed as a Massage Therapist for 14 years, I decided to open my own business in 2018, offering a variety of modalities (including cupping and CBD massage).


I am honored to donate this massage, knowing that the proceeds are going to an incredible cause. As a massage therapist, I believe in a holistic approach to massage, as it can have an equally beneficial effect on your mind and your body. Taking care of ones mental health is of the utmost importance. As with a vast majority of people, I have been affected by suicide and those with mental health issues. It wasn't until the Covid pandemic hit, that I started taking my own mental health seriously. It's also very important, especially as a man, to help end the stigma that comes with seeking help and counseling.


Roberta Stock

I have chosen to donate to Silent Sufferer’s raffle because I know 100% that EVERYONE has experienced or has a loved one who has suffered or suffers from depression, anxiety, ptsd, suicidal tendencies, grieving, or are just having a tough time dealing with life. Frank has created this amazing group to let people know they are not alone and he is here to help in any way he can. This small but mighty community has been a light to so many “Silent Sufferer’s” and word of this group and Franks heart needs to be spread like wildfire. This auction is to help and spread awareness that although we suffer in silence, it doesn’t have to be alone. And if I can help this community in any way, I will do it over and over again.


Jason Zagar


ZGR Photography

My name is Jay Zagar of ZGR Photography and I have a passion for water. Lakes, oceans, waves, sunsets. I’m donating this print with the hopes that the money changes someone’s holiday season for the better. Make it happen!

Screenshot 2021-12-09 6.24.15 PM.png

SOL Willoughby

Chef Bret Zubek

Feed Your Soul

I would like to acknowledge the kind staff at Downtown Willoughby’s Sol Restaurant. Especially Chef Bret Zubek for jumping on the opportunity to support us with our Hope For The Holidays event. Thank you from all of us at The Silent Sufferers.


Tamera Semancik

I decided to donate to Silent Sufferer’s because I myself have suffered from depression and anxiety since I was a teen. It took doctors a very long time to realize my depression and anxiety were real, they blamed it on teenage puberty and normal teenage drama. I felt so alone and broken for a very long time. Once I found the right medication and daily routines that for for me, life became more manageable and live able. I’m a strong believer in not hiding your flaws but sharing them openly to help not only yourself by others. I’m honored to have been asked to be just a small part in Frank and Janet’s vision!


 Nick Rogowski 


Daniel Jaccobucci

Fitness Enthusiasts

Upgraded Industries

We are honored to support a cause that is near and dear to us at Upgraded Industries. Upgraded Industries is dedicated to raising awareness for mental health issues. We all need to help and uplift each other, especially as we approach the holiday season. We are beyond excited to welcome a new member into our family.


Kurt Warner

NFL Quarterback

First Things First

I reached out to NFL Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner about Hope For The Holidays and before I knew it he was sending me an autographed football. As a fan of the “Greatest Show On Turf”… I was blown away by this generous act! His movie American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story is set to hit theaters this Christmas! Thank you Kurt, on behalf of all The Silent Sufferers.


Barb Van Hala

Lakewood, Ohio Resident

Hi, I am thrilled to support this project. Frank and I worked together for several years and he was a wonderful colleague through all our trials and tribulations.


Steve Perko

I am honored to donate to a worthy cause. I have known Frank since 2nd grade, and he was on my first friends I made when I moved to a new city. It’s hard seeing people go through dark and tough times. It’s even more difficult to see someone have a tough life. That’s why I want to help. Everyone gets one life, and in that life, you deserve happiness, peace, and joy. That’s why I wanted to donate and that’s why, I created a Youtube channel dedicated to motivation, inspiration, and helping others develop a positive attitude. I hope that you find the channel helpful and it helps you get through tough days!


Rick Lanese

Euclid, Ohio Resident

Hello, my name is Rick Lanese. Frank and I have been good friends for the last 20 years. We also share similar pasts and
unfortunately my father chose to take his own life in 2013. 
That is why my family and I are honored donate to such a wonderful cause. In loving memory of my father Roberto Lanese.