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As a result of his late father’s suicide, emerging author Frank Negolfka, was only a young teenager when his mental health quickly began to decline. After decades of secretly surviving depression & suicidal ideation, he found the courage to live an empowered life and created Silent Sufferers: a Facebook community nearing 1.5k members, to open up discussions with others who are privately coping with the shame associated with mental health disorders.

Frank's passionate contribution to the mental health movement has been featured on international podcasts and his story has been presented to a respected team of licensed mental health providers and professionals; offering critical insight and personal perspective to the societal stigma surrounding depression.

“The world is a hectic place. We need to talk less and listen more. We have to find a way to make it comfortable to have those conversations about things that frighten us.” - Frank Negolfka, Mental Health Advocate and Author of The Silent Sufferer, from Cleveland, Ohio.

Now founder of The Silent Suffers, a start-up lifestyle brand, Frank is on a mission to inspire conversations surrounding mental health in new and creative ways. He aims to help people, especially men and young adults, who silently suffer under the stigma of depression.

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The Silent Sufferer

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"The book takes the reader through Frank’s pain and struggles, dealing with his own suicidal thoughts, alcohol use and teenage angst. The book focuses on serious topics that many people struggle with but also has many hilarious moments."


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BRing comfort

Hello! I'm Frank Negolfka, founder of Silent Sufferers: A Virtual Mental Health Community built for helping men and young adults battling the stigma against depression and other mental health issues. In December of 1998, two weeks before Christmas, my father chose to take his own life. I was only fourteen. The aftermath of a loved one's suicide can be full of confusing and painful emotions. As a result of fear and misunderstanding, many survivors of suicide suffer alone and in silence because others are unsure, or unwilling, to enter into the pain of their grief. Traditions and special occasions like holidays and anniversaries can emphasize the absence of a lost loved one and may become difficult for survivors. This holiday season The Silent Sufferers are looking to bring HOPE a local northeast Ohio family bereaving suicide loss by providing emotional acceptance and practical support. We are kicking off Our 1st Annual Online Raffle Event: HOPE for the HOLIDAYS. Every $2,000 that our fundraiser raises during this three (3) week long event will benefit the financial considerations of a bereaved family who experience the death of someone to suicide. (e.g. funeral payment, any bills that are due, and holiday wish lists)

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Friends and family who experience the death of someone to suicide must no longer suffer alone and in silence. If you know a local NEO family healing from suicide this holiday season and would like to nominate them please visit us at and send us their story. *Family/families chosen to benefit from our fundraising efforts will be chosen at random.

The Silent Sufferers have graciously received raffle donations, but we still need your help in order to make HOPE for the HOLIDAYS a success and would be hugely grateful for any raffle prize donations that you, or your company, is able to make in aiding our fundraising efforts. All donors will be properly thanked and acknowledged on our website and across our social media platforms.

To raise awareness about Suicide Prevention raffle entry tickets will become available beginning on International Survivors of Suicide Loss day, Saturday, November, 20 2021. We need the kind of compassion that can ONLY be found in Clevelanders! Join Silent Sufferers in providing practical support and emotional acceptance for survivors who need to grieve in healthy ways. We may suffer in silence but together our voices will be heard.




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